APTA Webinar Terms and Conditions

APTA Web Conference: Celebrating National Children’s Week Terms and Conditions
1) Once you have been registered and your payment received, APTA will email you a receipt of payment and an access code for each webinar you have chosen.

2) Access to anyone webinar should be by you only, and any individual access codes, log-ins or tokens given to you by APTA upon your payments and registration is for individual use. Sharing of webinar content is prohibited and APTA relies on the professionalism and honesty of the viewers.

3) The intellectual property of each webinar is owned solely by the presenter and cannot be copied, shared or reproduced in any way by the viewer/purchaser of the webinar.

4) Each webinar will be accessible by you by the host (APTA) during the duration of two weeks between Friday 19th to Friday 26th October 2018. Access to the Webinars will be available to you 24-hours during the two-week duration in which APTA will provide access to each webinar to you. Each webinar can be accessed more than once in this time.

5) Refunds will not be issued due to personal circumstances and a refund will only be issued at the discretion of APTA when provided with evidence that the web conference was not attended to due to technical issues within the responsibility of APTA.

Definitions of policy
“You”: The viewer and purchaser of the webinar/s.

“Webinar”: The webinar accessible to which you have paid for.

“Presenter”: The individual presenter of the webinar

“Intellectual property”: All information provided by the presenter of a webinar including verbal, visual and written information provided

“Host”: Australian Play Therapists Association (APTA)

“Personal circumstances”: Circumstances in which APTA are not responsible for the failure to access each webinar including IT and support difficulties, internet connection difficulties and/or poor quality of video and sound”

“Evidence”: information in which you can provide to ATPA including visual, photographic, written and/or verbal format.