We are so excited to bring the 2018 APTA Play Therapy Conference to you, following the theme of childrens week ‘A caring world shares’

Our online conference is bringing fresh ideas and current practices to professionals around the world throughout childrens week and beyond; 19th October to the 2nd November 2018. Throughout this time you will have access to our recorded webinars, you can purchase a full access pass or choose you from a range of presentations. Our annual event is Bringing together leaders and experts from around the world, working with children and families using Play Therapy


Introducing APTA’s Web Conference Speakers.

  • Length 02:00:00

    Lisa Dion | Aggression in Play Therapy: A Synergetic Approach for Integrating Intensity and Trauma

    Although aggression is a common part of the play therapy process, many therapists don't have a clear understanding of what to do and how to facilitate the intensity when it enters the playroom during play. The result can lead to inadvertently promoting aggression and increasing low brain disorganization. It can also lead to the therapist feeling beat up, exhausted and...

  • Length 02:00:00

    Christian Bellissimo | Using Play Therapy to Support Young Children’s Development

    This workshop will explore how play therapists and mental health professionals can use play therapy to help support children’s emotional development through coaching caregivers and teachers of young children. First, the impact of early adversity on a child’s emotional development, and consequently their behavior, will be presented. Next, the importance of developing a structured, predictable, and consistent daily routine, with...

  • Length 03:00:00

    Erin Dugan | A Prescriptive, Integrative Clinical Mental Health Counseling Approach to Working with Today’s Children & Families

    There are various approaches mental health clinicians utilize in their therapeutic services when working with today’s children and families in the clinical mental health settings. Clinicians must assess the client’s presenting issue(s), diagnosis(es), as well as other external factors including familial support(s)/resources and other professionals who are providing direct/indirect services to the identified client. This workshop aims to present a...

  • Length 02:10:00

    Dee Ray | Introducing Dee Ray – Themes and Stages in Play Therapy

    In addition, the workshop will facilitate skills on how to use play themes to determine therapeutic progress and ascertain the need for termination.  In Child-Centered Play Therapy, the healing factor is identified as the relationship between play therapist and child. Relationship is based on clear communication between therapist and child, yet the child communicates through play. This workshop will offer a...

Price list

For bookings please send an email to info@apta.asn.au
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Any 3 Webinar $200 early bird rate paid by 21 September 2018 $190
APTA Access All Package $240 APTA Access All Package $220

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